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MSHC is a member of the Students Sport Council MUSST. This means you need to have a membership of UM Sport if you want to play hockey at MSHC. To play hockey at MSHC you are required to buy the following memberships: Sign Up and Sports (regular or semester). You can buy these memberships at the counter of the UM Sport Centre. You can also use your UM Sports card for other sports. To see what other sports you can do with your UM Sports card, check out the UM Sport website! Note: You risk getting a fine when you do not have a UM Sports card.

Besides the UM Sports card, you need to register to MSHC. Here is an overview of the costs for the different memberships. Please note that the membership fee is determined every September, therefore the prices below may differ from what the actual fee will be.

Maastricht University students

– Full year competition member UM student, payment in 1 installment: € 150.00

– Full year competition member UM student, payment in 2 installment: 1 x € 77.50 – and 1 x € 75.00

– Half year competition member UM student: € 95.00

– Full year training member UM student: € 70.00

– Half year training member UM student: € 40.00

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences students

– Full year competition member Zuyd student, payment in one installment: € 108.00

– Full year competition member Zuyd student, payment in 2 installments: 1 x € 56.50, – and 1 x € 54.00

– Half year competition member Zuyd student: € 73.00

– Full year training member Zuyd student: € 35.00

– Half year training member Zuyd student: € 12.00

There is a subscription fee of €20,-.

Based on your experience and level at which you played hockey, you will be placed in a suitable team. There is also the possibility to become a training member. In that case you’ll train on Mondays or Thursdays from 8.45 pm until 10.15 pm.

As a competition member of MSHC, you are obliged to play in the entire MHC kit (training members do not have to buy the MHC kit). This kit consists of a white MHC shirt, a dark green pants/skirt and white MHC socks. This kit can be bought at Relax Sport Store, located at Dorpstraat 12, Maastricht.

After you have registered you will automatically remain a member until you unsubscribe via the mail before the deadline which will be announced via e-mail. This means that the membership continues and is not automatically cancelled annually.

Still have questions? Send an email to mshc@live.nl.

The MSHC privacy policy can be found here

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We are a competitive sport club - completely formed out of students.


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