Second half of the season

Indoor hockey is over, and tonight the first fieldtraining starts again. Tonight, during the training of MSHC D1 / D3 MHC, there will also take place a selection for the open places in this team, as discussed at the general meeting and it can be found in the minutes...

SCOREN Ice skating

SCOREN organizes ice skating at the Vrijthof!  The event will take place on Wednesday 10th of December 2014 at 20:00h. The price is €6,90 p.p. for ice skating and 3 drinks. Registration can be made by mail at with as subject “Ice skating...

MSHC is looking for new members!

MSHC is looking for new members! Do you like to play hockey and can’t resist hitting some balls? Then send an e-mail to or with the contactpage on this website if you want to play hockey within a team or become one of our trainingmembers. We have teams...

Results November 23

MSHC D1/MHC D3 – OZ D7 3 – 0 Meerssen D2 – MSHC D2/MHC D6 3 – 0 MSHC D3/MHC D7 – EMHC D7 0 – 0 HOD H4 – MSHC H1/MHC H4 4 – 1

Last training before the winterbreak

NOTE: The last training and walk-in training before the winterbreak will take place this week. The winterbreak starts next week (1st of December).

Results November 16

Geldrop D2 – MSHC D1/MHC D3 6 – 0 MSHC D2/MHC D6 – MSHC D3/MHC D7 0 – 0

Results November 9

MSHC D1/MHC D3 – Tegelen D3 1 – 3 OZ D10 – MSHC D2/MHC D6 1 – 2 MSHC D3/MHC D7 – Heeze D4 2 – 1 MSHC H1/MHC H4 – Helmond H4 0 – 3

SCOREN Sports gala

Wednesday the 19th of November SCOREN gala will take place. The location of the gala is Kasteel Hoogenweerth. Entrance will be open from 21:00h-23:00h. The gala will officially end at 02:30h. The Entrance fee is €16 p.p. More information can be found on the SCOREN...

Results November 2

OZ D6 – MSHC D1/MHC D3   1 – 0 MSHC D2/MHC D6 – EMHC D6   2 – 3 HOD D5 – MSHC D3/MHC D7   5 – 0 Basko H4 – MSHC H1/MHC H4   4 – 2